Pixels of Ink

I love my Kindle, it was a gift from my father and his girlfriend when I joined the Peace Corps. It has saved me on plane rides, car trips, endless meetings, waiting in restaurants, and during power outages. After a few years of owning it though, I began to wonder if it was worth it, I was spending a fortune on books on amazon.com, most of which I’d only read once. Then I discovered something…

Every day I get an email from pixelofink.com that lists free and extraordinarily cheap books available on amazon.com. Some of them are self-published, others are free just for the day, and some are classics whose copyrights have expired (hello Sherlock Holmes). The emails I get include short descriptions of the books, and just by reading through those I can usually tell which books will appeal to me and which will not.

Overall this service is fantastic, I have discovered several new authors to love, and haven’t paid to read a book on my Kindle in ages. There are romances, suspense novels, cookbooks, and even the occasional children’s book. That doesn’t mean that all of the books are winners, far from it. Some are so bad that I gave up a few pages in, some never even get a cursory glance. A lot just live on my Kindle, waiting patiently for me to get to them.

I’m a fast reader, usually going through a book in 1-2 days. But even I cannot keep up with Pixel of Ink’s pace of emails. So right now there are 902 books on my Kindle waiting to be read, and eventually, reviewed.

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