10 Important Life Lessons You Learn From Living Abroad

From bootsnall.com

I whole-heartedly agree with everything on their list and have at least a dozen stories for each…

  1. How to get used to almost anything: babies with split pants; terrifying bus rides.
  2. How to cook: Ever make rice on a wood-burning stove?
  3. The importance of sharing a meal: if there is enough for one, there is enough for two.
  4. How to ask for help: Maybe I can’t chop all of my firewood by hand alone.
  5. How to question the status quo: is it really necessary for all of the teachers at the school to attend this meeting? Especially when one of them (me) doesn’t speak the language or understand what’s going on?
  6. How to have fun anywhere: being snowed in is just an opportunity to master a new card game with friends.
  7. How to throw stuff away: “When in doubt, throw it out!” or “A picture is worth a thousand words…and frees up a lot of suitcase space.”
  8. How to talk to strangers: I start with a smile and an apology for not speaking the local language.
  9. How to handle peer pressure: if everybody does something a certain way, there’s usually a reason. It’s not always a good reason, but you’d better know what it is before you start changing things.
  10. How to empathize: There’s nothing quite like travel or living abroad to change your perspective on life

I’ve personally dealt with everything on this list in more ways than one. Go read the whole thing:ย 10 Important Life Lessons You Learn From Living Abroad

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