Aswan-Luxor School Trip – Part 2

Sorry to leave everyone hanging, but it’s been a crazy few months here. I’ve been busy with work and blah, blah, blah…

Here’s Day 2 of the trip!

After all the napping and early-to-bed-ing I’d done the day before, it wasn’t surprising that I was up early. Early enough to see the sunrise, in fact. Sunrise on the Nile is truly a sight to behold, and totally worth getting up early for.

Because we’d such a long day before, Mr. A, Mr. D, and I had decided not to visit Edfu Temple. The temple can only be reached by horse and carriage and they were all lined up waiting to take tourists. Sadly, there were not enough tourists for the carriages that were available. I don’t think anyone told them our group wasn’t going. Oops.

The whole day was calm and peaceful. After everyone else returned from Edfu we had breakfast in the boat’s restaurant. As the boat sailed down river towards Luxor students and teachers had time to relax, sit in the sun, and have some fun.

Some students played table tennis on the sun deck, some sat in the lounge chatting, and others watched some tv in their rooms. I had brought a few board games with me and we spent several hours playing Uno, Bananagrams, and some other card games.

We stopped at Esna Temple along the way to Luxor. A small temple found buried under a local town. We had to climb down some seriously steep steps, and my slight fear of heights reared its ugly head. I had to ask Mr. A to walk down the stairs directly in front of me. He blocked the scary view and helped me keep my balance.  The temple was pretty, and it was kind of interesting to be so far below street level.

Lunch on the boat was delicious, but uneventful. Naps were had again.

Tea time (3 PM) brought everyone up on deck to bask in the sun, play some games, and chill out. At one point I idly asked the students how old they thought I was. I’m always curious to know how old I seem to kids. I realize that most of them have no real concept of age, and all teachers are simply ‘old.’ I got exactly what I asked for. Guesses ranged from 27 to 37. I refused to tell them my age, only settling for some clues:

  • I’m the older than my two brothers: N – 25, and J – 23.
  • My age falls within the range of their guesses: 27-37.
  • I was born in the 1980s.

Turns out Mr. A is 33, and Mr. D is 43, making me the youngest teacher on the boat.

We also passed through the Locks, a pretty cool thing to see. Well, after a few minutes of hearing the  hawkers shout about their wares as we all wait for the water level to rise/fall, it gets old.

Since the day had been so relaxing I agreed to go with Mr. A and take some students out to Luxor market. I didn’t buy any souvenirs but the kids went bananas. Henna tattoos, sand bottles, scarabs, jewelry, scarves… You name it, they bought it.

Keeping track of the 10 kids was a little tough, but I got some serious respect from the vendors. The students were also kind enough to keep the salesmen from bothering me too much.

We got back to the boat around 11:30, and it was definitely bed time for me. I’d been up since 5 A.M. I invited the kids who’d gone shopping to join me for sunrise the next day at 6:30, but didn’t really expect anyone to come. I thought I could go prepare for bed, instead I had to patrol the hallways to keep kids from disrupting other passengers.

Tune in later for Day 3!

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