A Night Owl’s Guide to the Calls to Prayer in Egypt

I live across the street from a mosque here in Egypt. Since I’m not muslim, I’ve learned to ignore the calls to prayer, but my daily schedule more or less coincides with them. Early morning – time to get up, midday – lunchtime, after sunset – bed time. But what if you’re not a teacher? What if you’re a belly dancer or a singer who works nights? Then what do the calls to prayer signal for you?


Midday Prayer = Time to wake up

Wake up you lazy bones! You can’t sleep the whole day away.

Mid-afternoon Prayer – Breakfast, get up

Get up and greet the day. If you want to get anything done like go to the bank, grocery shop, or see day-walkers you’d better get your butt in gear.


Sunset Prayer – Cocktails

There’s always a bar or hotel around somewhere. If not, make some at home.


Evening Prayer – Get ready to go out

Put on your dancing shoes and your chandelier earrings. It’s party time


Dawn Prayer – Bedtime

You’ve had a full day, it’s time to get some shuteye so you can get up at 3 PM and do it all over again!


What do the calls to prayer mean in your life? Leave a response in the comments below.

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One thought on “A Night Owl’s Guide to the Calls to Prayer in Egypt

  1. erik

    the sunset prayer (along with the early afternoon) make my smaller dog shake uncontrollably and my larger dog pretty worried. haha :0

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