The best advice I got for packing was from my mother: “Pack drunk, then you have the perfect explanation for why you have what you have.” Slightly more practical advice I have gleaned form years of experience: forget all the ‘essentials’ lists and bring what makes you happy. It’ll be the wrong stuff anyway.

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Change is in the air

It’s often amazing to me how quickly life can change. It has happened to me quite a lot in life, so it shouldn’t surprise me any more; but Fate has a way of turning my life in the oddest directions. As a child of an international banker and a homemaker I started living overseas at […]

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Hospitals and Hospitality

Thankfully, I have not needed to go to a hospital in China due to any illness. I think living in Mongolia as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) strengthened my constitution. When the nearest Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO) is a 14-hour bus ride away, you really start to reconsider the true meaning of ’emergency.’ This […]

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