68 Thoughts Every Traveler Has On Their Trip Around The World Via Buzzfeed

1. I can’t wait to travel the world.
2. God, I’m nervous. Planning a trip is so confusing.
3. Am I making a huge mistake? Everyone is telling me I’m making a huge mistake.
4. No way! Screw them! This is going to be awesome.
5. I’m going to make a ton of friends and do cool stuff like the Dos Equis guy.
6. What the hell am I going to pack? Did I buy the right backpack? Do I have enough money?
7. Oh well, I’ll figure it out. 
8. Time to go. See you later, suckers!
9. Ok, landed. Now how do I get to the hostel? 
10. Does anyone speak English?
11. I’m already confused. This is tough. 
12.Okay, I made it to the hostel.
13. I’m a travel superhero. This stuff is going to be easy.
14. This dorm room looks nice. I hope no one snores.

Matthew Kepnes / BuzzFeed

15. Time to explore this place!
16. I’m totally lost. 
17. Oh, look I found my way. 
18. I can totally do this backpacking thing. 
19. Happy hour! Time to meet people. 
20. Uhhh what do I say? 
21. Guess I’ll see what’s happening on Facebook.
22. Crap! That creepy guy in the corner snores. I’m never going to sleep.
23. Okay, it’s a new day. Things are going to be great. 
24. Ohh, there is a BBQ at the hostel tonight. Maybe I’ll make friends there.
25. This table looks nice. Will these people let me sit down?
26. They invited me to sit down. I have friends!

Matthew Kepnes / BuzzFeed

27. Wow, I’m really hungover. What a night! 
28. Another happy hour! 
29. Shots for everyone! 
30. Ohh, a cute Aussie is talking to me. 
31. What happened last night? Yikes! That Aussie is not as cute as I remember. Time to sneak out of this dorm. 
32. All my new friends are leaving. That’s okay. I’ll see them again.
33. Probably not. At least there is Facebook.
34. Made new friends. 
35. I have no idea what these Scots are saying to me. I’m pretty sure we both speak English. I’m just going to nod my head and drink my beer. 
36. What is this food? I’m probably going to go hungry on this trip. Everything looks so weird. 
37. Guess I’ll get pasta. You can’t go wrong with pasta.

Matthew Kepnes / BuzzFeed

38. Well, I got sick. I guess you can go wrong with pasta! 
39. Woohoo! Another country. Look at all these passport stamps! I feel cool.
40. I’m spending way too much money on beer.
41. Time for another happy hour. 
42. I love travel! I’m totally a travel expert now. 
43. These conversations are getting a bit repetitive though. 
44. Oh look, new people in the dorm! I wonder where all these people are from and how long they’ve been on the road. Let’s ask them! 
45. Interesting food. I’m going to eat that. I can’t believe I was so worried when I started traveling. 
46. This guy in my hostel is kind of a jerk. No one cares how many countries you’ve been to. 
47. Still spending too much money. I hope I’m going to make it to the end. 
48. Okay, time to start saving.

Matthew Kepnes / BuzzFeed

49. That bus is five dollars? I’ll walk instead.
50. That was a long walk. At least I saved some money.
51. Happy hour! Five dollar beers? I’ll have three. 
52. Waterfall! Woohoo! 
53. Another waterfall? This is getting boring. 
54. More weird food. Who would have thought bugs would be so good? 
55. Two dollar soup? That’s a bit expensive. 
56. Two dollar beer? Perfect. 
57. Well, that was an eventful day. Time to move on.
58. Two more months to go. Time to make the most of this trip. 
59. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed and see my dog! 
60. It’s going to be weird to go home.
61. More drinks? I’m so sick of drinking. Is that all this is about? 
62. Those people look cool. I’ll go drink with them. 
63. Last week. This trip changed my life. I wonder what home is like. I bet it’s really different. I’m so glad I did this. I changed a lot. 
64. My friends just threw me a huge going home party. I love them.
65. Gosh, I’m hungover. Time to go to the airport. 
66. I’m home! It’s so good to see my friends and family again.
67. Wow, nothing has really changed. 
68. I’m bored. Next trip?

Matthew Kepnes / BuzzFeed

Matthew Kepnes is author of the book “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”and runs the website NomadicMatt.com. Matt teaches people the travel tips, tricks, and advice not found in major travel media so you can travel cheaper, better, and longer to any destination in the world!

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13 Signs You Moved Around A Lot Growing Up via Buzzfeed Video

Buzzfeed has some ridiculous lists, and some not-so ridiculous lists. This one has a little bit of both:

For the record, I don’t have a strange affection for motels. I do however, get restless living in one place for too long.

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Princess Leia Hijab

I was trolling the internet and I came across this  video. A girl turned her hijab into Princess Leia’s hairstyle from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. How awesome is that?

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Flirting or Motivating?

I’ve managed to go to the gym 6 days a week for the last two weeks. I didn’t know that it was possible for me to sweat that much. Sweat just pours off me in rivers, my face gets flushed, my hair gets soaked, my clothes turn dark with the stuff; in short I’m not at my most attractive.

It’s slow going, and Tarek, my trainer, seems more focused on upping my stamina; overall I do feel better. Today, Tarek was very complimentary when I arrived. He mentioned that I already look thinner, complete with hand motions in case I wasn’t getting the picture. Well, at least that’s what I think he was saying. Tarek’s English vocabulary is rather limited, and a lot of our communication happens through guesswork, hand signals, and facial expressions.

At one point during the workout I had to stop because my heart rate was through the roof. I was worried I might pass out, and Tarek had me take a rest. He stood with me and we chatted as best we could.

Have I been to the Pyramids yet? No. Maybe this weekend.

Do I feel like I’m losing weight? Have my friends mentioned anything?

No, but I’m definitely going to ask if they notice a change. I can’t tell anything. To make things less awkward I agreed: sure, my clothes fit a little better. (Do they?)

“Is good! You will be *quick motion indicating skinniness* it’s very good.”


“Your face, is beautiful face.”

“Thank you.” I feel so gross, my face is red, I’m pouring sweat, and can’t really catch my breath.

“Yes, your face will be *quick motion indicating skinniness* What do you eat? At the villa…hotel?”

“I cook for myself.” I said.

“You’re good cook?”

“No, I cook for myself.” (small laugh) At this point I thought he was going to ask about my diet for training purposes and started to tell him what I usually eat for breakfast. Instead he told me that he likes to cook.

“You do? Are you a good cook?” Cue modest grin on his part. “What do you cook? Egyptian? Italian?”

“Egyptian food.” (Of course! his shoulders and expression say) “Now, go do treadmill, two minutes, speed ten.” Great, more cardio to make me ill.

After nearly dying on the treadmill and then bouncing around holding free weights, we paused again so I wouldn’t pass out or throw up. Tarek said something about a restaurant. He either works in one, or knows of a good one. And he…maybe…asked me to go to eat what he cooks on Friday…? Confirmed: He did ask what my availability is for this Friday. (All day.) He also asked me to call him.

But, the question still remains: Is he flirting with me or just motivating me to work my ass off (literally) at the gym?


Update; Wednesday September 18, 2013:


Well, on Tuesday, as I was sweating on the treadmill, Tarek asked me what I was doing on Thursday after my workout. “I’m busy sorry, something for the school. Friday? I’m free all day.”

“Ok, [pause] I will call you Friday. We will go to eat.”

“Okay. Great.” I said as Tarek hopped off the (unmoving) treadmill next to me. I looked around in disbelief for a moment. Did that really just happen? Unfortunately, no one was close enough to hear our conversation, and body language made it look like he was telling me to walk faster.

Huh, seems he wasn’t just motivating me. We’ll see what Friday brings.

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A blog is born

Special thanks to Katy Gundry for helping me set up this blog. She’s making me post something so that my page no longer reads NOT FOUND! 
Nothing witty or profound to post just yet, but I’ll get there eventually.

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