Egypt Resources


US Embassy in Cairo

CSA – Community Services Association. Exactly what it sounds like.

BCA – British Community Association, branches in Mohandiseen, Katameya, and Maadi.

Living In Egypt – a local expatriate blogger.

Transitions Abroad – Resources and articles about Egypt through the Transitions Abroad Website

Expat Blog – a collection of blogs, websites, and other resources for those thinking of moving to Egypt.

Expatistan – A cost of living calculator. Very useful for figuring out what your monthly expenses might be compared to home.


Culture Shock! Egypt: A Survival Guide to Customs & Etiquette – “CultureShock! Egypt is invaluable to anyone who wants to blend into life in the country whose existence revolves around the River Nile. Containing much insight about the Egyptian people the class system, the importance of family, their sense of honor – this guide also provides useful information and advice for settling into your new home and getting along with the locals. For example, learn about their notion of space and eye contact, and how the men may perceive foreign women who smile at them. On the business front, be aware of the necessity of having business cards as well as how to handle uniquely Egyptian business meetings. CultureShock! Egypt is all you need to settle effortlessly into and enjoy your new life in the Land of the Great Pharoahs and magnificent pyramids.” – Amazon Description

Lonely Planet: Egypt – I found this useful for background information. There is usually a brief history in the beginning of the book that can help a reader get a basic understanding of a nation.

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