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A failed experiment

So my year in jewelry started out so promisingly. I really did want to write about my jewelry. I swear.

I even took pictures of the pieces I wore every day…for a while. Then I got busy of course. I got too busy to write every day, so I decided to write once a week. Then I got to busy (and lazy) to do even that.

I did learn some things from this failed experiment:

  • I have a lot of jewelry
  • I learned to appreciate the truly meaningful pieces that I own
  • Sometimes less is more with jewelry
  • Sometimes more is more fun!
  • No outfit is complete without jewelry (even if it’s just a simple wristwatch)
  • Just because an experiment doesn’t work out the way I plan doesn’t mean it’s a complete failure

Here are some of the pictures I did manage to take of my jewelry collection.

Perhaps some day I will get around to telling the stories attached to the pieces, but probably only to my (future) daughter.

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‘Ringing’ in the new year

1 January 2015

Today marks the beginning of a new blogging adventure: A Year in Jewelry.

Several years ago I was living in Beijing, China, when my younger brother, N, came to visit. We spent a week exploring the city, eating strange foods, drinking, and generally having a blast.

On December 31, 2012, I decided that it was time to get my nose pierced. I’d thought about it for a while, and decided it was high time. So, I plucked up my courage, gathered my brother, and headed to the nearby shopping center, Golden Towers.

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