‘Ringing’ in the new year

1 January 2015 Today marks the beginning of a new blogging adventure: A Year in Jewelry. Several years ago I was living in Beijing, China, when my younger brother, N, came to visit. We spent a week exploring the city, eating strange foods, drinking, and generally having a blast. On December 31, 2012, I decided that it […]

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22 Hour Layover

I love to fly; especially takeoff. That feeling where the plane picks up insane amounts of speed, your body is shoved back against the seat, and suddenly you’re airborne. Your body gets sucked downward into the seat as the plane fights gravity; you feel like you weigh a million pounds. Then suddenly you’re light as […]

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Harsh Lesson Learned

Moving is never easy. Organizing, packing, getting rid of stuff, cleaning… it all starts to get ridiculous after a while. It helps to know you’re going somewhere exciting, it also helps to have some time to prep and plan. A few days ago it was time to check out of my apartment, and I learned […]

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Beijing Traffic

I came across this article on Business Insider recently:  Video: Crowds At Beijing’s Xierqi Station. It shows a video (also posted below) and a few explanations of why Chinese public transportation is a challenge. I take the bus to work every day and every day is a new experience: Early on in my tenure in […]

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Making your own fun

Sometimes living overseas can be exhausting. You’re away from familiar friends and family, food is different, customs are different, entertainment is different, sometimes even going to the bathroom is different. Every once in awhile an expat needs to get together with some other expat friends and revel in the ‘normal.’ I put normal in quotation […]

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