IBB Vs. Egypt via Business Insider

The big story in U.S. markets right now is the NASDAQ decline. The index fell 2.6% on Friday, and it’s been persistently weak over the last several days. What’s really going on is that big “momentum” names are getting drubbed, and many of these (Tesla, Netflix, FB, etc.) are traded on the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ […]

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Egypt Ban On R4Bea Rabea Signs In Facebook via Business Insider

Egypt has passed a law that could sentence anyone who posts this symbol on their Facebook page to five years in prison, according to Arabcrunch and Sharouk News. Egyptian athletes expected to compete in the Olympics are also banned from flashing the four-fingered symbol, according to the country’s sports minister. The “Rabia” or “R4bia” symbol […]

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Cairo Snow via Business Insider

Apparently it snowed in Cairo yesterday. I didn’t get any pictures of it, but some people did. Business Insider collected a few of the images. Check them out at their website, too. Cairo Snow – Business Insider. t’s snowed in Cairo for the first time in 112 years (according to locals on Twitter). Here’s what […]

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Beijing Traffic

I came across this article on Business Insider recently: ┬áVideo: Crowds At Beijing’s Xierqi Station. It shows a video (also posted below) and a few explanations of why Chinese public transportation is a challenge. I take the bus to work every day and every day is a new experience: Early on in my tenure in […]

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