Adventures in Egyptian Ikea

If you’re going to go to Ikea, pick a time when it’s not busy. In Egypt (and most of the Middle East, I assume), that time is Friday mid-morning, before prayer. Friday is the holy day here, and is celebrated by Christians and Muslims alike. Most people sleep in leaving the streets bare and ghost town […]

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Hot Nuts

I don’t think the guys who work here have any idea just how suggestive their slogan really is.   What do you think?

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Snake Oil for Sale

I’ve always thought that snake oil only existed in stories from the Wild West. Salesmen roaming from town to town selling a miracle cure made from strange ingredients. They always turned out to be fake, and a waste of money, right? Well, now available at my local Carrefour: Snake Oil Hair Serum Only 43.95 Egyptian […]

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Egypt Ban On R4Bea Rabea Signs In Facebook via Business Insider

Egypt has passed a law that could sentence anyone who posts this symbol on their Facebook page to five years in prison, according to Arabcrunch and Sharouk News. Egyptian athletes expected to compete in the Olympics are also banned from flashing the four-fingered symbol, according to the country’s sports minister. The “Rabia” or “R4bia” symbol […]

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