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Adventures in Egyptian Ikea

If you’re going to go to Ikea, pick a time when it’s not busy. In Egypt (and most of the Middle East, I assume), that time is Friday mid-morning, before prayer. Friday is the holy day here, and is celebrated by Christians and Muslims alike. Most people sleep in leaving the streets bare and ghost town quiet. It’s a good time to go shopping at major stores and malls like Carrefour or Cairo Festival City (CFC), but don’t expect the corner shop to be open.

Therefore, at 11 am on Friday, I took a taxi with some new co-workers to Cairo Festival City to go shopping. As with the last time we came to CFC, it took the driver five minutes to figure out how to enter to the mall parking lot. There is plenty of parking, but most of it is blocked off, and no one really knows why. The cab driver finally determined that taking us directly to the door of Ikea was not an option, so he dropped us at the nearest entrance and we wandered through the mall to get there.

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Winter Weather in Cairo

It’s 55 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m cold. For someone that survived two winters in Mongolia, one of them a zud, this is absolutely ridiculous. But there’s nothing I can do to change how I feel, and I feel cold.

My Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO) once said “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing,” and I did not bring the right clothing for this ‘winter’ weather. I remember when I was packing in my mother’s house, clothing strewn all over the floor and bed, saying “Everything I own is black! I’m moving to the desert in August! What am I going to do?” Before I left Beijing I gave away a lot of clothes I had accumulated: turtlenecks, long sweater-dresses, ear muffs, and other woolen items. I sure wish I had some of those warmer clothes now. Luckily, my mother is coming to visit me in less than two weeks and she’s bringing me some of the warmer things I left behind in the States.

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