Universal Signs

Some signs and signals are just universal. A smile breaks down language barriers faster than anything I know, and the middle finger is pretty well known around the globe. However, I think my favorite universal signal is the potty dance. You know, the move that says “I have to pee so bad I don’t know if […]

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Hot Nuts

I don’t think the guys who work here have any idea just how suggestive their slogan really is.   What do you think?

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Bizarre Beijing

I have spent more than a year in Beijing, and every day I discover something new. It really is an amazing place full of rich history and tradition, magically melding with modern technology. However, some things about Beijing I will never get used to. In fact, I’ve started a list. In no particular order here […]

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Arboreal Healthcare

Every day in Beijing I see something that makes me pause. Usually it’s something someone is doing, like a macho Chinese man carrying his girlfriend’s frilly pink purse, or a seven-year-old squatting in front of a school to pee in public. But the other day it was a tree. On my block, and most residential […]

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