Universal Signs

Some signs and signals are just universal. A smile breaks down language barriers faster than anything I know, and the middle finger is pretty well known around the globe. However, I think my favorite universal signal is the potty dance. You know, the move that says “I have to pee so bad I don’t know if […]

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Hot Nuts

I don’t think the guys who work here have any idea just how suggestive their slogan really is.   What do you think?

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Snake Oil for Sale

I’ve always thought that snake oil only existed in stories from the Wild West. Salesmen roaming from town to town selling a miracle cure made from strange ingredients. They always turned out to be fake, and a waste of money, right? Well, now available at my local Carrefour: Snake Oil Hair Serum Only 43.95 Egyptian […]

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42 Things You’ll Only See In China

42 Things You’ll Only See In China Brought to you by BuzzFeed: 1. A tiger on a leash taking pictures with a baby: Flickr: tenglishdick 2. Crocodiles for sale at Walmart: hkhousewife.com 3. Sharks for sale at Walmart: 4. Giant racks of meat for sale at Walmart: 5. And whatever this is for sale at Walmart: 6. Headphones like this: 7. A […]

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